organization schema markup code for blogger and wordpress

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organization schema markup code for blogger and wordpress

Schema markup is oneof the essential skills you require to master when you implement the technical aspects of SEO on your website. It lets search engines like Google to crawl your site more efficiently and, in addition learn about the information of your website, resulting in better results for visitors.

Schema markup is a coding technique that lets you create more detailed descriptions that show up in search results. Utilizing for marking up your website lets you optimize your site so that search engines can easily read your website and deliver more relevant results to searchers.

The difference between schema markup and structured data

Schema markup is often used as a synonym for structured data, but there is slight difference between the two

  • Structured data any code within your HTML that provides explicit hints that lets search engine understand and classify page content, as well as information about the publisher entity.
  • Schema markup is structured data that has a standardized set of defined values and classes. 

how to edit schema markup code follow video below

  1. Login your blog
  2. Now click on the them and edit html
  3. Now copy code below than past before <body>
  4. Save template

schema<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@id": "#",
  "@type": "Organization",
  "name": "Web site name",
  "url": "url",
  "founders": "your name",
  "foundingDate": "2021",
  "logo": "",
  "description":"it Blogger most popular technology blogging platform,seo,keyword research,blogging,backlink,whatsapp,tutorial,android,software,wordpress,blogger,apk,",
  "email": "your emile",
  "sameAs": [
  "aggregateRating": {
"@type": "AggregateRating",
"ratingValue": "5.0",
"ratingCount": "300"

organization schema markup code for blogger and wordpress

schema markup code for blogger and wordpress

organization schema markup code

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