how to change your name on facebook

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how to change your name on facebook

Users who have previously verified their name on Facebook may sometimes find it hard to change it later as verification gives Facebook a record of their real names. Users will not change their name completely on Facebook unless they change their name legally after the first check and are forced to repeat the check process through the Facebook Help Center.

Although Facebook recommends that people only use their real names, fill in their official names there, you can add aliases or other alternative names; in addition, Facebook recommends using your real name, which is the name associated with you by your family and friends. There are other ways to add names to your Facebook profile; for example, you can link business pages to your personal account so that everyone can link to them.

Therefore, when you create an account, Facebook asks you to confirm that the name you are using is your real name and asks you to use your official name for your profile because it wants transparency and accountability. Facebook disallows the use of pseudonyms but allows generic pseudonyms such as Bill instead of William to be used.

If you are not happy with your current name or just want to improve it, you can follow these steps to change your Facebook name on your Facebook profile.

how to change your name on facebook

how to change your name on Facebook on computer,

Choose how your name is displayed, enter your Facebook password, and click Save Changes Choose how your name is displayed, enter your password and click Save Changes. Once you are satisfied with the new name, enter your password in the box and click the "Save Changes" button to finish. The new name will be added to your Facebook profile.

I think you can even wait for 24 hours for Facebook to approve your name change: your Facebook account will immediately reflect your new name and you can change or update your Facebook name using your Windows, MAC, or Linux machine.

Before you change your name, you must understand some of the Facebook naming standards designed to ensure that users see their real names. When you change your Facebook name, your followers will simply see the new username next to your avatar when you update your name. If the name change is in line with Facebook policy, you can remove anything that Facebook considers offensive. You can send a copy of your driver's license to verify that you are using your name, otherwise, Facebook will block your account.

how to change your name on facebook without waiting for 60 days

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