How To Get 4000 Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers

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How To Get 4000 Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers
How To Get 4000 Watch Time And 1000 Subscribers

A three-minute mini-video that gives viewers exactly what they want sends a positive message to YouTube and puts our content at the top of the search rankings. At one point, this video topped YouTube rankings and was a juicy search term.

You responded with a video that gives you 4,000 hours of viewing time. Moreover, if you promote your own videos, you can get even more. For a longer video, you only need a smaller number of viewers to watch the same number of hours.

In reality, 50% of the best results are videos that are less than 10 minutes long. If 100% of your YouTube time comes from one person, that person will play your video in an infinite loop for 166 days and 16 hours, none of which will stop. With 4,000 hours of YouTube time, you have generated 240,000 minutes of YouTube time.

In this case, you need at least 60k views to reach 4,000 hours of clock time. If you make a video of 10 minutes or less, not all viewers will see it, and even if someone watches it for 5 minutes at the end, the numbers are the same. So if you shoot a short video, you get less than the average viewing time, so you need more than just the number of views.

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You will never get the same number of views for all your videos in the live stream. In this case, it took me 78 views for my video Livestream to reach 4,000 hours. The last video you uploaded that day was 364 with one day remaining, so I gained more views, but still a small number of views.

To monetize your channel and make money on YouTube, you must have got more than 4,000 hours of observation and 1,000 subscribers to your channel. In this article, I will tell you how to get to this number as quickly as possible so that you can monetize it and start making money.

When you make a 10-minute video for your YouTube channel, you get on average 50% of the average viewing time of your video (five minutes) as the average viewing time of the video. You should try to make 45 videos or more in each category until you reach that threshold.

Why YouTube Channels FAIL at Monetization

A channel with many subscribers (30,000 + clicks) will be in the Videos tab. However, YouTube considers your content valuable but has not yet decided whether to approve or reject the channel for monetization.

Repeat this process for each channel in your industry until you have built up a nice database of topics. You need to be strategic about the type of videos you create when you're new to the channel. If the video suggests that you create a new playlist, use synonyms and keywords.

Suppose you add 5 videos to a playlist, and when a user watches the entire video in the playlist, YouTube starts playing your next video in that playlist.

You will also want to go to YouTube Analytics for your most popular videos, Go to YouTube Creator Studio and click Analytics, and also go to Engagement, where you can see your favorite videos in terms of time. Another thing you want to do is select Lifetimes, and your channel will fall off and you will see the videos you get the most clocks per hour.

How to share and watch videos on Drummitup

These videos need not have been released in the last 12 months, but they must have been viewed in the last 52 weeks. Videos you delete or post privately do not help count the 4,000 hours of watching time. Focus on the YouTube Partner Program: To support creators with active and engaged communities, the YouTube Partner Program disables the monetization of channels that have not uploaded or released videos for 6 months or more on the community tab.

If you don't reach that threshold, continue to work hard to create original content and build your audience. When your audience loses interest, your engagement decreases, your views decrease, and your advertising revenue decreases.

Now that we know how to get 4,000 hours of views, we can help you monetize your channel and climb the top. With passive work, you can maintain YouTube and continue to grow. But the real reason you should aim for more than 4,000 hours of surveillance is not advertising revenue.

On top of that, it shouldn't be difficult to find your audience if your video is in a widely recommended category and millions have seen it. Don't stop there, develop and improve presentation materials and work on videos that help you gain recognition from millions of engaging, friendly listeners and a stable income.

If you need to increase 4K hours on YouTube, there is a quick and easy way to do this for any video you promote. The link needs to be copied on your YouTube channel or video to increase 4000 hours of views on YouTube and become possible for a fee. Specify that it is to enable hours of YouTube views.

You need a lot of subscribers and views to get a full-time income from YouTube advertising revenue. Here are the top 5 ways to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time on your YouTube channel by 2021. Most creators start their channels with money, but it's not all about money. According to YouTube, to access the YPP (Youtube Partner Program) you must watch at least 4000 hours in the last 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers.

The YouTube Partner Program provides creators better access to YouTube resources and features, as well as direct access to our Creator Support Team. YouTube has changed its policy for affiliate programs for new and old creators. We provide a context for you to see ads on videos and channels that are not included in the Affiliate Program.

As a new YouTuber, it's easy to win time in the funny videos and pranks category. Social media is a great way to get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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