Best Free Youtube Seo Tool

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Best Free Youtube Seo Tool

With all this in mind, YouTube marketing is worthwhile, but if you want to maximize YouTube performance you need to make sure your videos match search trends and are traceable when users search for related content. For just a few dollars of your content marketing budget, you can shift the SEO strategy from search-engine-optimized videos to a handful of YouTube SEO tools, or dig deeper and grab the prize with YO determination.


These tools help you to optimize your YouTube videos for the search behavior of users. YouTube SEO tools like Tubebuddy help boost your keyword search. Tube Buddy provides an optimization and promotion management tool for videos on your YouTube channel, as well as an advanced analysis tool that helps optimize your SEO further.

Tubebuddy is also integrated into YouTube and features a browser extension to simplify channel maintenance and helps with things like titles, descriptions, tags, annotation cards, and more that give valuable insights into every YouTube video you open. Google's Keyword Planner lets you optimize any content for search engines, including YouTube videos.


After analyzing other videos that are located at the top of YouTube search results, you know what keywords and tags to use. Inserting the right tags can help your videos in the rankings of YouTube search results rise up, and Vidiq can help increase your ad-hoc tags library tenfold every 10 minutes as you discover more. As you optimize and write content, you can also use SEO tools to identify the keywords your videos should focus on, as you navigate through popular YouTube SEO tools and get tips on how to click on links and phrases. 

If you want to have your video at the top of the search results on YouTube, you must learn how to use keywords, tags, and titles to your advantage.

With YouTube SEO, you can optimize your customer-oriented videos on your YouTube channel to rank higher on search engine (SERP) YouTube Results pages for targeted searches. YouTube Video SEO involves the process of ensuring that the playlists, metadata, descriptions, and videos for your channels are designed so search engines have everything they need to identify your content so that it can correspond to the requests of users. The optimization of your YouTube videos for search engines starts in the planning phase, with research and keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

The good news is that Google owns YouTube, so you can use Google's Keyword Planner as your first video SEO tool to find relevant keywords in your videos and video tags. People will find you through the YouTube search bar, so your SEO will be tight and viewers will share your video and click your ads if they like your video content.

Inputting the right information in the right places, YouTube will rank your videos higher when people search your keywords. With the right tools at your disposal, it is easy to find new keywords that can be ranked on YouTube, so you can get your videos ahead of the right people.

Some of the most useful YouTube SEO tools are Influencer Analytics, Trend Insights Tool, Video Title Generator, YouTube Trends, YouTube Keyword Tool, and a whole host of analysis tools, which help you create powerful videos.

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If you use YouTube SEO tools the largest piece of information you get is the search volume for keywords. Serpstat is a keyword research tool that gives you an in-depth insight into what your competitors are doing to help you rank your videos higher in search results. For the next level of keyword research, you can use YouTube autocomplete, the platform itself, or specific keyword research and analysis tools such as ranking trackers.

In this way, you can create content that addresses the questions that people are looking for related to your niche and your YouTube videos will appear in the top Google Search Results for those specific questions. Cluster your content with links to videos and blog posts or vice versa, to give more authority in the eyes of Google and YouTube and give you more ways to track traffic when people search for your topic.

Keyword tool

This is one of the 7 best YouTube SEO tools to help you discover, evaluate, and optimize videos by understanding the underlying mechanisms that make YouTube work. Cubic is a comprehensive YouTube SEO tool that suggests keywords, generates tags, provides search engine previews, and makes intelligent recommendations to improve the video performance of your channels. tools for sites that do not have a YouTube channel that searches thousands of keywords, searches volumes, and other information.

These tools make it easy for you to create effective, well-designed, and SEO-friendly tags for your YouTube videos. Keyword Tool Pro will give you many results, and you can get a free account with accurate estimates of YouTube search volume. It's here to help you analyze your YouTube video keyword rankings and overall SEO health.

One of the great YouTube hacks for regular SEO that is not used much often enough is putting custom captions and subtitles into your videos with the right keywords. The simple and exhaustive is perfect to get more YouTube to autocomplete suggestions and suggested keywords based on video tags and captions based on more views. Videos like this act as effective input for Vidiq to find the best keyword tags to enhance your YouTube SEO.

ahrefs free keyword generator

Use Ahref's YouTube Keyword Tool to research the words people are looking for. When you enter your keywords and phrases, you get a list of related terms and ideas you can use in your videos and on your YouTube channel. Similar is Ubersight, Neil Patel's keyword analysis tool for Google Search and YouTube and makes this type of keyword tool useful for YouTube Keyword Research.

This way you can create content that addresses questions people are looking for that relate to your niche, and your YouTube videos will appear at the top of Google search results for those specific questions. The YouTube search bar gives you an insight into your competitors and customer behavior, and the Google Video search bar does the same.

One of my favorite YouTube analytics tools is to see what search terms people use to find videos. Not to mention that creators and insiders of videos

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