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Which Blog Platform Is Best For Making Money Adsense  unique Guide
Which Blog Platform Is Best For Making Money Adsense  unique Guide

Weebly makes it easy to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, while Google Adsense is an easy platform for beginners to make money from blogging. If you are looking for a way to start a free blog, I recommend you use a blog blogging platform, as it is not only easy to set up, but also you can start monetizing with Adsense.

The blogging platform allows you to create a blog and at the same time monetize your blog with Google Adsense. You can start a blog without paying for a domain name and your account is completely free of charge on the platform.

As with other platforms, you can start a blog or website for free, but to get your custom domain name you need to purchase a premium plan.

If you opt for a paid service, Bluehost offers hosting and a free domain name for just $2.95 per month (this offer is available to the readers of my blog, but the discount applies to this link) and you can access various blogging platforms, including the most popular WordPress. Blogging platforms don't cost money, but they do offer free hosting plans, so be wary of using free blog hosting. One of the best things about platform-hosted blogs is that you don't have to pay for hosting, but you'll want to choose a platform that hosts blogs with premium plans.

The best blogging platform to make money will always be different from the free option. This makes choosing to say the least difficult, not only because there are different platforms to choose from, but also because each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this post I will explain everything you need to know about blogging on various platforms and tell you which ones to use to maximize your revenue. I will also explain why you should avoid free platforms and show you how to start blogging for less than $3 a month.

If you are serious about making money, you should consider creating a self-hosted blog on WordPress, a platform used by many people. If you want to make money, I recommend you to choose WordPress.org as the platform to start your blogging. Once you have figured out which platform works for you, you have no choice but to choose a hosting domain (you will need it) and find a compelling blog name that represents you and your brand and begin producing content.

For example, if you create a personal hobby blog for free, a basic platform is fine. Blogging may not be something you want right now, but you might want a platform to make money from your website if you really want to make money in the future. We have added a section on how to monetize this article so that the blogging platform and the host you choose affect your ability to make money.

Through a blogging platform or blog hosting plan you have access to thousands of topics, plugins and other software integrations to customize your blog and monetize what your blog should do.

If you're looking for a free platform to create and manage your free blog, Blogger is the platform for you. LiveJournal used to be one of the best free blogging platforms but has become more a site for people who blog as a hobby and does not fit well with companies or people trying to make money from a website. It's also one of those old blog platforms that requires a Google account to get started, which can be a great deal breaker for those who want to enlarge their site.

Blogger is owned by Google and is one of the few free blogging platforms on which you can install Google Adsense to generate advertising revenue. Not only is it free to use and comes with several free templates, but if you want to pay for access to premium services, you can make money by appraising Google AdSense to display relevant ads on your blog. Medium is an online publishing platform that allows you to import your content from across the web, so if you want the best blogging platform to make money from, you should choose one that doesn't require you to monetize your blog at all.

This platform is completely free and you can run it until you are ready to monetize your blog. Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms to earn money with Google Adsense.

HostGator Website Builder - HostGator is one of the best options for a blog platform and is at the top of our list because it is simple and easy to use. You can use it as a site host to start a WordPress blog, which we do here.

It's similar to WordPress.org as a self-hosted blogging platform, but you need to manage your blog or website yourself in a similar way. Some platforms offer software so you can host your blog yourself, while others offer to use their hosting to host it. In the case of platforms hosting blogs, you cannot use your own domain name (with some exceptions), and some offer limited functionality.

For example, if you want to make money from blogging ads but the blog does not allow third party ads, a free blogging platform allows native or third-party ads so you can make money. Since I make 75% of my income from banner ads (I paid $187,652 last year with banners), it goes without saying that I could not use this platform, which would damage my career as a food blogger.


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