How to Rank Your Website on Google

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How to Rank Your Website on Google

Hi Guys, Today we're going to see  how to rank your website on the Google search. Now let's say you have a website, And you want to rank this website on the Google search results. But now when you search for it on Google. your site does not appear.

Now how do you bring your websiteinto the Google search results? we're going to see How to do SEO for your website and get your website to appear on the Google search results And in this video we will also see how to  rank your website, for the 'search terms' you want. Once your site appears onthe Google search results, you will be able to get more visitors to your website, for free. Okay, so let's get started. First, let’s see how Google ranksa website on their search results. Now let’s say you’researching something on Google. And you get results like this. Now how did these results show up here? What is Google looking for?

Google wants it’s users tofind what they’re looking for. It wants to show the bestcontent to its users. So these results are here, because Google thinks they will solve the problem of the user. So in order to rankyour website on Google, We’re going to do 3 parts

1st part is to Create Content Which Can Rank on Google So to create the content The 1st step, is to Find whatpeople are searching for. Now, How do you find whatpeople are searching for? So To do that Just go to google. Now think, Whatyour business is about? Let's say you're running a 'coffee shop'. Just Enter that into google And as soon as you type it! You can find what peopleare searching for,related to 'coffee shops' Now let’s say you wantto reach these people., To find more terms, searchedby them, just press the down arrow and select that keyword. and now if you press 'space' you can find even more terms,searched by the people  Now Google is showing theseresults,  because it has been searched by a good number of people. So once you findwhat people search for, next  you need to Choose the people, who you want to reach.. So you can pick any set of users you want. I am going to choose these users The people, who have searched for, the ‘best coffee shops in mumbai’. So Once you have selected your audience, Next you need to find out whatthis user might be looking for. So to find out whatthe user is looking for you need to think about, If someone searches for 'this' What exactly, are they looking for? So in this case, the users are clearly trying to find, the 'best coffee shops, tovisit, in the mumbai area' So once you find what the useris looking for,

we can go to the next step, : which is to ‘Create content, for this user’ Now as google wants it’s users tofind what they’re looking for,. In order to rank on google, you need to create a content on your website  which answers the users question. So next let’s see how youcan create the content. to create the content  Let’s go to our website. Now this is a site, which Ihave built with wordpress. If you don't have a website, you can easily create one by watchingthis video,  now to create our content  Let’s go to new and click post  And Now it will take you to this page. Now first, we need to enterthe title for our content Now as we’re creating the content for the people looking for ‘best coffee shops, in mumbai’ Let’s enter the title as ‘Thebest coffee shops in mumbai’ Once you’ve entered your title, Next you need to add thecontent,  which answers our user’s question. Now as the users are trying to find the 'best coffee shops, in the mumbai area' I’m going to list down, thebest coffee shops in mumbai. Now once you have added your make this content easy to read, Let’s add headings, So to add the heading Just select the text whichyou want as the heading. And then click here, and choose heading in the same way,

we will do it for all the headings  Now, once you have added the headings  to make your post look more attractive  let's add images So let’s say you want to add this image., just drag your image, And then drop it where you want to add it. And then we’ll add another image here , and in the same way, you can add images under other headings  we have completed creatingthe content for our user,. and we've successfullysolved the users' question. Which is “what are the bestcoffee shops in mumbai” So once you have created your content, To publish it on theweb, just click publish. And the content will bepublished on your website. So let’s see how it looks. To see your content, just click ‘view post’. And as you can see, wehave now got our blog post. So this is how you can CreateContent, which can answers the user’s question & can rank on Google Once you have created your content, Next, let's go to the 2nd part of this tutorial, which is to make your which is to make your site look good, when it appears, on the Google search results.


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